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Thinking of moving to the Villages, Florida?

Written by on Wednesday, 24 December 2014 7:33 pm

If you're aged 55 or over and are interested in the idea of moving to an age restricted community, which offers a wide array of public amenities and facilities, continue reading to learn about The Villages, Florida's largest age restricted community.

Why move to The Villages Florida?

The Villages slogan is "Florida's friendliest retirement hometown" and for good reason. The Villages offers all the amenities which you'd expect from a large city and boasts three town squares, each of which offer a plethora of entertainment and dining options. In fact The Villages offers nightly live entertainment, 365 days a year. Better yet, The Villages is home to multiple golf courses, swimming pools, gyms and theaters. 

If you're looking to make lasting friendships in your new community, you won't have any trouble as The Villages boasts over 1000 different clubs, classes and activities. So whether you're interested in sports, arts and crafts, traveling or cars, you'll be able to connect with friendly folks who share your interests.

Homes for sale in The Villages FL:

The Villages offers a full array of options from low maintenance, two bedroom villas which are ideal for those who spend a lot of time traveling, to luxurious four bedroom homes which have plenty of space for the grandchildren to run around, when they visit. However, the Villages most popular homes tend to be mid range, three bedroom homes which offer incredible value for money.

Better yet, no matter which model of house you prefer, you'll have the piece of mind of knowing that it has been built in compliance with the Villages' strict building requirements. So you can rest assured that your home will stand the test of item.

The first step:

If you're interested in browsing some of the Village's latest listings visit Local Realty Service where you can search for a homes for sale in The Villages FL which meets your specific requirements. Each listing includes the listed price of the home you're interested in as well as the year it was built. You'll also find a range of professional photographs, taken from a variety of angles and a full list of features, which will let you know if a home offers extra features such as a sun deck, a pool or a formal dining room. 

So what are you waiting for? If the idea of enjoying an active retirement in a friendly community appeals to you, know that there's a space for you in The Villages, Florida's friendliest retirement community. If you are looking to see what's on the market in The Villages you can visit houses for sale in Ocala FL, to find your dream home!



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